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"Boxer Shorts - 17 years later, it returns to the world market with a premium collection, exclusively online. ”.

It all started in the city of Porto, in a small store on Avenida do Brasil in 1991. 17 years later, a new era arrives, where it becomes the first "Pure-player" lingerie in Portugal - an exclusively online store with all over the world, betting exclusively on the sale of men's premium underwear.

Boxer Shorts was founded in 1991 in Oporto, with the main objective of providing essential articles for men, with the best quality and luxury materials. The vision of the brand has always been clear: to provide an exclusive product with proven quality, with the most classic colors and patterns. All over the world, they look for men who believe in timeless fashion and who admire the classic, never forgetting the elegance; gentlemen who take advantage of every moment of their daily work space, living life as it should be.

The first production was 1200 units and before Christmas 80% were already sold. At this moment it is advancing with a second production, this time with a greater number of pieces. Customer response could not be better.

“ People say they are happy that the brand has come back and that it is good to relaunch the brand and show that the national product is good too. From there I was creating new models. People like the materials, feel comfortable and even suggested that we have fairer models ".

Quality is one of the distinguishing factors of Boxer Shorts and one reason is that it is a 100% Portuguese brand. The products are made in Crivedi, in Trofa, and all controlled from the cut until they leave for delivery to the customer.

“Boxers are 100% natural cotton and only by cut and fitting can prove that they are different from the boxers that are usually on sale in other brands”

Each Boxer Shorts is created with an intention and purpose, a versatile piece that adapts to any occasion, with a classic silhouette, always using the best fabrics and materials. These fabrics are produced and manufactured in Portugal by highly qualified professionals to create a unique style and thus achieve a perfect balance between quality at an affordable price.